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I've engraved countless belt buckles, knives and other pieces of metal. So whatever you're looking to spice up with an engraving, I can help.

Below are some samples of my work, along with the approximate cost of each engraving job. Keep in mind that the actual cost may vary depending on the size of the piece being engraved.


knife engraving

This Spyderco Native knife sports engraving with interlocking American scrolls. This job cost $150.

English Scrolls engraving
The English scrolls and initials on this silver buckle would cost $150.

Growling Bear engraving
This relief engraving of a growling grizzly would cost $400 on the side panel of a lever action.

Walking Bear engraving
Walking Bear --  This relief engraving of a walking grizzly would cost $400 on the side of a rifle receiver.


This Browning combination hunting folder features engraved bolsters.

This Buck folding hunter has engraved bolsters.

I made this custom 1911 in Dave Sample's final online pistolsmithing class. I also did the engraving and hand-carved the Tru-Ivory grips.

This is a right-hand view of the HP71 custom 1911 I built in Dave Sample's last online pistolsmithing course. I also engraved it and hand-carved the Tru-Ivory grips.

This Remington 24 rifle was my first gun. Before handing it down to my older son, I engraved a prairie dog on it as part of my final project in the Yavapai College firearms engraving class.

This Schrade folder has engraved bolsters.
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