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Custom Gunstock Carvings
for Long Guns and Pistol Grips

I've done custom wood carvings on many gunstocks. These carvings have ranged from checkering to custom images. Custom wood carvings can add beauty to your long gun, making it a truly one of a kind piece and family heirloom.

Below are samples of wood carvings I have done on long guns over the years.

Custom Gunstock Carving
This pointer flushing a grouse in on a Stevens 20-guage double. Strong-side carvings only are $250.

Custom Gunstock Carving  
Custom Gunstock Carving
A carving like this grouse in
flight on the weak-hand side
of a stock is $100.
This flight of geese is on the strong-hand side of a Rossi
12-guage coach gun. Strong-side carving alone is $250.

Custom Gunstock Carving
These frolicking squirrels on a Ruger 10-22 would cost $250 alone. The total package included a weak-side carving and
20-lines-per-inch diamond checkering and cost $500.

Custom Gunstock Carving  
Custom Gunstock Carving
This bugling elk is on the
strong-side of a
left-handed Remington
700 stock. It cost $250.
This bugling elk scene on a
Winchester 670 stock appeared in the 2002 “Art from the Homes of Prescott” show at the Sharlot Hall Museum in Prescott. The strong-side carving alone costs $100.

Custom Gunstock Carving
This European fish scale checkering is uniquely beautiful. A full treatment costs $300. I also do 20-line-per-inch conventional diamond checkering at the same price.

Custom Gunstock Carving  
Custom Gunstock Carving
This squirrel on a branch is
on the weak side of an image-checkering package on a Ruger 10-22. This carving, alone,
would be $8.
This is the weak-side carving
on the Winchester 1866 carbine replica.  Weak-side carving,
alone, was $100.

Custom Gunstock Carving
This grizzly bear contending with a wolf over a cow elk carcass is on an 1866 Winchester carbine replica. The strong-side carving alone would cost $250. This rifle was a package with strong-side and weak-side images plus 20LPI diamond checkering around ovals containing a grizzly track. Package would run $500.

Custom Gunstock Carving  
Custom Gunstock Carving
Rabbit Carving on Weak-hand side of Stock, this carving alone, is $100.
European fish-scale checkering, $300 full coverage.

Custom Gunstock Carving
This 20-line-per-inch diamond checkering surrounds an oval island with the track of a grizzly carved in it. It was part of a $500 package job on an 1866 Winchester carbine replica.

Custom Gunstock Carving
Checkering on 10/22 – This is 20-line-per-inch checkering on a Ruger 10/22. Checkering alone on a long gun runs $300.

These are fully hand-carved scrolls done with X-Acto knives on rosewood 1911 grips.

These bison heads grace a set of Ruger Vaquero walnut grips.


A man whose father bred English Bulldogs wanted to immortalize the fact on the walnut grip of his .22 single-action.


These scrolls, hand-carved on Tru-Ivory panels with X-acto knives grace the 1911 pistol I built in pistol smith Dave Sample’s last on-line pistolsmithing course.


These grips were an homage to pistol smith Dave Sample, known in cowboy shooting as Captain Eagle. These started out as smooth apple wood grips. They received hand checkering and inlaid silver eagles.

These scrolls, hand-carved on Tru-Ivory panels with X-acto knives grace the 1911 pistol I built in pistol smith Dave Sample’s last on-line pistolsmithing course.

This Remington 580 single-shot stock features hand checkering as well as a pair of frolicking squirrels on the right buttstock.


This single squirrel shimmying down a branch is on the left side of a Remington 580 stock.


These scrolls, hand-cut with X-acto knives, were for an Air Force captain just returned from the Middle East.


This goose in flight graces the left buttstock of a Stoeger coach gun.

This duck rising out of cattails is on the right side of a
Stoeger coach gun.

This walking grizzly is on the right side of a special edition Browning 1895 carbine.

This bugling elk graces the strong side of a Winchester Model 70 stock that appeared in the Sharlot Hall Museum exhibit, The Art of Prescott.

This head of a bugling bull elk is on the left side of a Winchester Model 70 stock that appeared in the Sharlot Hall Museum exhibit,
The Art of Prescott


This fish scaling helped dress up a Remington 700 BDL stock that I rescued, carved and refinished with six coats
of rubbed oil.



These feeding squirrels dress up a Ruger 10/22 stock. This is a great way to turn a youngster’s 10/22 into a cherished family heirloom.



This bugling bull elk graces the right side of a Remington 700 BDL stock that I rescued, carved and refinished.



These oak leaves and acorns went on the cheek piece side of a Mauser stock that was one of the most challenging jobs I’ve done.
This growling grizzly -- about the size of a 50-cent piece -- went on the grip cap of the Mauser stock featuring the fish scale checkering and oak leaves and acorns. Grip cap carvings are $50.


This customer wanted both fish scale checkering and overlying oak leaves and acorns on his Mauser stock. It’s the most challenging job I’ve done. This work runs $100 a panel.



It isn’t easy to do a fish scale checkering job then overlay acorns and oak leaves and make the two work together. This work costs $100 a panel.



This customer wanted to dress up his special air gun stock with a squirrel scene on one side and a scene of his Golden Retriever barking at a squirrel on the other side


This customer wanted his unusual laminated wood 1911 grips checkered with his Libra Zodiac sign in the center island.


This customer needed me to finished his percussion pistol kit -- specifically the handle, which came to me looking like this.

This is how the finished grip went on the pistol. It looks as though it grew there. This job cost $50.

This customer wanted the head of his German shepherd carved on the right panel of his custom rosewood Smith & Wesson N-Frame grips. It cost $75.
My cousin is a devout Mormon who is working on a replica of the plates God gave to Joseph Smith. It is to be a family project with a plate for each family member. He asked me to engrave a cover plate with the figure representing the statue of Christ in the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City.


I carved these frolicking squirrels on a Remington 580 stock for my grandson to remember me by. A strong side carving like this for your gun would be $150.



I can make grips from scratch. I made these for a customer's pair of Colt 1903 .32 autoloaders from black pearl micarta from Texas Knife Makers Supply.



I carved this descending eagle on a presentation box.



This set of Rosewood Grips for a Ruger Vaquero feature stylized initials on an island surrounded by European fish scale checkering.



These initials and scrolls decorate the stock of a new Henry Big Bore.



This carving of Jesus on basswood with a scripture quote went to a dear friend. I can do one for you for $150.


I made these Officer's Model Grips from Mesquite from scratch. The minimum I charge for making grips from scratch is $75. I charge extra for special features such as thumb rests and my regular charges for carving and checkering. You can supply the material. or I can supply grip material at my cost.


I made these grips for a Colt Woodsman out of bird's eye maple from scratch. The price depends on the wood and complexity of the work involved. The minimum is $75 a pair.


This carving celebrates the owner's recently departed friend and mentor whose favorite things were Colt 1911's, Colt Single Actions and Rambo Bowie Knives.



This checkering went on a Remington 580 single shot.



This hand checkering job went to a cowboy mounted shooter who wanted a more secure grip on his Colt Single Actions.



This customer wanted grips made from scratch out of tiger-striped maple and then hand checkered.


This customer needed left-handed grips for his Colt Woodsman. I made these from scratch out of nicely figured mesquite.
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