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Leatherwork was the first craft I mastered, beginning in the eighth grade in junior high school. Through the intervening years, I have made most of my own leather including rigs for fast draw, IPSC competition and cowboy action shooting.

Since retiring from my day job, I have been filling a lot of requests for a variety of rigs, but especially for concealment holsters.

These photos give you a good overview of what I can do for you. Click the images to see a more detailed photo.

This holster carries your snub-nosed .38 butt-downward retained by a strong elastic. One tug on the revolver between the trigger guard and butt pops it out into your hand. It comes with a twin cordura HKS speed-loader pouch on the weak-side elastic. This rig is $125.
Cutsom Bullit Holster
Bullitt Holster

This 1911 Pancho Holster is the pattern reportedly popular with the famous revolutionary. The holster, alone, in basket weave is $45. A complete rig with a matching 2 ½-inch belt and two U.S. Army style magazine pouches would be the ideal rig for SASS Wild Bunch competition. The full rig is $175.

Pancho 1911 BW

This inside-the-waistband rig handily carries a Ruger SR-9 out pf sight against the body, and the flared leather on the inside keeps it from digging into your skin. $45

Inside-the-Waistband Rig

I can make this paddle holster for almost many large auto loader for $50. In this case It’s for a Glock.

Glock Belt Slide

I can made this minimal belt slide holster for a 1911, but I can make similar holsters for any large autoloader. Plain versions are $45, basket weave are $55, and flower-tooled with a dyed background (shown) is $65.

Right Handed 1911 Belt Slide

This Tom Three Persons Floral 1911 holster carries the gun high on the hip and conceals under a short jacket. In the floral, two-tone version, it’s $45.

1911 Three Persons Floral

This is a Mexican loop holster with a border stamp. $50.


This two-tone belt with a background dye job is $90.

Two-Tone Trouser-Belt Holster

This two-tone rig with background dye job is $300.

Flowered Two-Tone Rig

This John Wesley Holster rig dyed dark brown is $250.

John Wesley Holster Rig

This is a special rig I made for my older son to carry two 7 ½ -inch Colts. I modeled the holsters after the Paladin rig from "Have Gun, Will Travel." I even found a local silversmith to supply the silver knights. With the real silver knights' heads, this rig would run $500. Without the knights, $250.

Josh Rig

This black basket weave rig will hold a Smith & Wesson 656 7-shot revolver, but I can make this pattern for anything. Basket weave is $125; flower-tooled is $150. Flower-tooled two-tone is $175.

Denzil Rig

This variation on the famous Duke’s rig features a tooled, lined holster and tooled belt billets for $175. As with all my holsters, it’s available in left- or right-handed versions.

Right Handed Dukester Rig

This double-thickness suede Duke-style belt is available for $75.

2 inch Duke Belt

If you want to shoot in the Wild Bunch Division of Cowboy Action Shooting, this rig will set you up the way John Wayne would have done it. It features a 2 ½-inch money belt, two suede magazine pouches and then a Pancho Style holster in any color or two-tone with flower tooling. With a single-color plain or basket weave holster it’s $125. With a flower-tooled two-tone holster, it’s $150.

Duke 1911 Rig

This rig comes from the Tandy-Ghormley Eldorado pattern which duplicates the outfit John Wayne wore in “El Dorado.“ but with a 2 ½-inch belt and glove-lined holster. It has 28 cartridge loops matched to your gun’s cartridges. It’s $150.

Ghormley Duke Rig

These 20-round handgun loading strips are available for .44/.45 or .38/.357. I also can make to order for other calibers in brown or black or others colors on request. These strips are $35 each.

Brown and Black CAS strips

This customer needed a belt-slide loading strip to go with his over/under .410/.22 long gun. I can make it for any shotshell / handgun cartridge combination for $40.

410-22 Holder

This eight-round shotshell holder belt slide snaps on and off standard 2 ½-inch gun belts and holds eight rounds in four pairs. This is $40

Brown Shotshell CAS Holder (new)

This combination shotshell-handgun ammo belt slide snaps on and off standard 2 1/2-inch gun belts. It carries eight shotshells in four pairs with two handgun rounds on each shotshell loop. This is $45.

Brown 12-ga/.45 CAS Shell Holder

This eight-inch-by-two-inch-by-five-inch ammo pouch has a snap lid and belt loop. It’s ideal for carrying loose rounds you can use later to recharge magazines or speed loaders. It’s $65.

Range Ammo Pouch (front)

This holster and magazine pouch combo for a PA-63 Walther PPK look-alike would run $50, and I can make it for any medium autoloader.

Holster & Magazine Pouch

I custom made this snap holster for the left-handed owner of a Colt Woodsman for $50. The same holster for other .22 autos -- right or left-handed -- would be the same. I also custom-made the grips and you can check those out on the grips page.

Left-Handed Snap Holster

This handy holster fits inside a standard pants pocket. The hook on the back keeps the pocket stretched flat and holds the gun vertical against the front of the pocket for an easy draw. It also doesn’t “print” on the outside of most standard trousers. It works well with small .380 autos like the Ruger LCP shown, with .38 snubbies and compact autos like the Walther PPK or similar size autos. This is $45.

Inside the Pocket

This Tom Three Persons Holster for a 1911 with basket weave tooling is $65.

Three Persons

The Taurus Public Defender is an excellent personal defense firearm. This Inside-the-Waistband holster carries it high on the hip but prevents the hammer from digging into your side. I also can make it for other versions of The Judge or the Smith & Wesson Governor. Only $45.

PD IBW Holster

This 1911 Inside the waistband holster keeps your pistol handy and the leather flare keeps the hammer from digging into your side. I can make inside-the-waistband models for anything from PPK-size autos and .38 snubbies up to large-frame autos like the 1911 or Beretta 92. This sells for $45.

1911 IWB Holster

I made this custom cross-draw sheath for a 2 ½-inch-blade drop-point knife for a gentleman who wanted a 45-degree cross-draw feature. It’s $45. I can do any custom scabbard for that price.

Cross Draw Sheath

I can make this suede vertical shoulder holster for almost any handgun. It is especially good for 1911’s and other large autoloaders and for the Taurus Judge. This is my personal carry rig for my Taurus Judge Public Defender. This is $150 for small-frame guns and $175 for large-frame.

Suede Vertical Shoulder Holster

I can make this suede shoulder rig for any gun. It carries very comfortably and includes and elastic strap that clips to any lower garment, regardless of whether it has a belt. $175

1911 Shoulder Rig

This special scabbard housed a World War I bayonet with a grommet for a tie down as well as a snap. It cost $45.

Bayonet Scabbard

I combine my leather-working and engraving skills to engrave a bowie knife and then to duplicate the engraving design on a scabbard with background dye. This scabbard, alone, is $50.

Bowie & Sheath

Here’s another engraving job that also received a matching scabbard. In this case the knife is an Arkansas Toothpick with an engraved blade and pommel and checkered walnut handle.

This knife and scabbard combination features an elk track scrimshawed on the antler handle with the elk track duplicated on the sheath. The sheath, alone, would be $50.

Elk Knife


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