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Price List

Below are the prices you can generally expect for the wood carvings, engravings and scrimshaw jobs. To see my price list for custom leather work, click here. If you have a question about pricing, don't hesitate to contact me.

Scrimshaw on Smooth Handgun Grips:

  • Initials: $30 per grip panel

  • Single image, one color: $50 per grip panel

  • Primary image with secondary image in logo or medallion position on grip: $70 per grip panel

  • Multi-color work: Add $10 per grip panel per color, including darkened shading areas of main colors.

Relief Carving on Handgun Grips

I can carve almost any smooth grip panel, although some brands of polymer grips lend themselves better to it than others. Almost all brands will take traditional designs such as steer heads, eagles, card spots (spades, hearts) and relief initials.

It's important for me to know the grip brand and type of material in advance.

The best carving materials are Tyler Ivorex, N.C. Ordinance or any Micarta. Ajax polymer grips are a little brittle and won't take a heavily detailed design. I also can do wood grips.

Most grips panels are $50 each for carving or checkering. I can do 20 line-per inch checkering or fish scale.

  • Diamond checkering is $50 per panel.

  • Fish scale is $75 per panel.

Carving on Long Gun Stocks

The possibilities for dressing up your long gun wood are endless. I have a variety of original and uncopyrighted designs covering most big-game animals as well as ornate scrollwork. I also can do traditional, European fish-scale checkering which is uniquely eye-catching as well as functional.

Normal practice is to carve a dominant design on the strong-hand side of the stock (The right side if you're right-handed), a smaller, secondary image on the weak-hand side and fill out with fish-scale checkering, oak leaves or scrollwork on the usual checkering panel positions. Each option below is available a la carte, as well as in the complete packages.

  • Strong side design: $250

  • Weak-side, secondary design: $100

  • Oak leaves or scrollwork at checkering points: $175

  • Scrollwork strong-side design: $250

  • Scrollwork weak-side design: $100

  • Fish-scale checkering: $300 (Includes two buttstock panels and wraparound forearm). I also do 20 LPI diamond checkering at this price.

  • Package: Full-stock coverage (Strong-side carving and secondary weak-side design) with oak leaves or scrollwork on checkering panels: $500

  • Package: Same as above but with fish-scale checkering: $550

  • Stock finishing in conjunction with carving work: (I sand and/or strip the stock down to bare wood, and, after carving the design, I refinish with six coats of hand-rubbed oil.) $150

  • *** Important Reminders ***

    With each order, add $7.50 for return shipping and handling on handgun grips (as many as four pair) and add $15 on long gun wood.

    Do NOT send complete gun. I do not have a Federal Firearms License (FFL) and I don't want the hassle that goes with one.

    Just send grips and wood off long guns. I can tell you via email or phone how to remove the wood.


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