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Working with Beauty from Scratch
is a four-step procedure.


First, we need to work out what kind of image or design you want done. If you have a piece of artwork you want carved or scrimshawed on a grip or stock, you can fax it or snail mail it to me or send it as an email attachment, so we can work out whether or how I can do it on your particular piece of material. We can also discuss it on e-mail. My e-mail address is

If you don't have a specific piece of art in mind, I have a large collection of uncopyrighted images or my original sketches you can choose from. That includes game birds and animals, scroll patterns, card spots, steer heads, badges and eagles or I can sketch something to your specifications.

Second, we have to know what kind of material you want me to work on. Some grip materials have limitations. For instance, Ajax poly-ivory grips are excellent for scrimshaw, but are limited in the amount of detail carving that is possible on them. Tyler Ivorex, N.C. Ordinance ivory look-alikes and Micarta carve very well.

Third, once we have an agreement, I send or FAX you the final design. You sign it off and then send me a copy of that signed form, your payment, including return shipping of $7.50 on grips (as many as 4 pair to a package) and $15 on long gun wood. Please don't send any part of your gun other than stocks. I do not have a Federal Firearms License (FFL), and I don't want the hassle that goes with one. I can tell you how to get the wood off of most cowboy long guns. Most are easy. So are most bolt-action rifles. If you can't get the wood off, call or email me and I can walk you through it. If that doesn't work, your local gunsmith can do it. Payment should be in cash, check or money order.

Fourth, I carve or scrimshaw the design and return the stock or grips to you by priority mail. At present, turnover time is two to three weeks, but I think you and I both would rather I do it well than do it quickly.

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