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Below are some of my newest wood carvings. I've hand carved wood boxes, plaques, and various other objects.

If you have any questions or would like to talk about an idea you have for a custom wood carving, scrimshaw or engraving, don't hesitate to contact me!

This plaque shows a dove of peace.
This plaque captures two Canada geese in flight.
This plaque with the face of a cougar was a donation to the annual Big Brothers/Big Sisters Auction.
Carving on a Shotgun Grip Cap
I carved this bust of a screaming eagle from a six-inch-by six-inch-by-four-inch block of solid walnut.
This duck is less than an inch long. I carved it as a pendant for a friend who is a strong advocate for the welfare of ducks on a pond near her home.
This plaque was a gift to a friend whose faith frequently has inspired me though tough times.
A cousin of mine who is a devout Mormon and genealogist is preparing a replica of the Mormon plates the Angel Moroni gave to Joseph Smith with a page for each member of the family. He asked me to engrave the cover plate with the image of the statue of Christ in the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City.

I’ve had several requests from customers who wanted nude ladies on their grips or gun stocks. I began attending live drawing sessions at a local art store, and beginning in the fall of 2010, I went back to school at Yavapai College to improve my drawing skills. The following pictures illustrate the artwork I’ve done in my classes.
This charcoal and pencil drawing of John Wayne from the shootout scene in "Rio Bravo" Was great fun to do. The original is for sale at $150, and slightly smaller giclee prints are available for $80.
My younger son in Austin, TX, has a wonderful dog named Aesop or Ace. I did this portrait of Ace from a photo for my son’s Christmas gift last year.
A lot of men don’t like their mothers-in-law. I'm crazy about mine. She raised seven gifted, successful children -- even after her husband died while four were still at home. She just turned 90, and she's still going strong. I did this portrait of her for Christmas and sent smaller prints to all the children.
My classes required a number of drawings from outside class. Every Thursday I have breakfast with a group of fellow gun craftsmen and shooters, including Jim Lockwood who, through Legends in Leather, duplicates the holster rigs worn in famous westerns. My breakfast mates, including Jim, were good enough to help me complete some of those assignments.
My lovely wife spends half of her life with her I-pad for work and for playing solitaire and Angry Birds. I caught this shot of her during a road trip to see out older son graduated from the DEA Academy in Quantico, Va.
I captured this profile of my older son while we were driving back from his graduation at the DEA Academy.
One of the class assignments was to do a self portrait from the makeup mirrors in the theater department dressing room. This one is pretty accurate but I don’t go around looking this ticked off.
I drew this lady while doing some self study in one of my drawing books.
I put this lady aiming a 1911 on a set of scrimshawed 1911 grips.


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